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Johnny Miller offers tips on iron play

Tuesday, Apr 26, 2011 03:38PM
Johnny Miller offers tips on iron play

No matter how far a player hits it down the fairway, if he can't knock his approach stiff, all the power in the world off the tee is meaningless. Iron play is perhaps the most crucial part of the golf game, and pro golfer Johnny Miller recently shared a few tips with Golf Digest on how to consistently hit quality iron shots.

First and foremost, Miller recommend playing more than you practice. While hitting the range is a good idea, it can't prepare you for many of the conditions that are out on the course. Uneven lies, rough and plugged balls can't be replicated during practice. Additionally, he highlighted importance of maintain the angle of your right wrist. Keeping this position will ensure that you make solid contact every time, he told the publication.

Finally, the two-time major winner stresses how crucial it is for you to know the precise distance of your irons. If you can control how far each club is hit, through changing swing length and speed, you'll be well on your way to lowering your score.

Being able to implement such tips is a matter of focus and energy. Eating an IQPlus golf bar will provide you with the concentration and stamina necessary to score well.